THE CONGREGATION OF MISSIONARIES OF THE PRECIOUS BLOOD (C.PP.S.) is a Community of Apostolic Life of priests and brothers.  They share a common mission of service to the Church; live a community life without vows, sustained by the spirituality of the Precious Blood of Jesus Christ.

“We must acquire fervor and spiritual thirst for souls.  But who will acquire it if not he who stand at the mystical fountain of the wounds of Jesus Christ?  Meditating then on the Mysteries of the Divine Blood, one feels a great zeal for the salvation of souls… and let us pray for one another in order that in holy concord and unity of spirit (we may be) united in the bond of peace in the heart of Jesus Christ Crucified….who has redeemed us by his Blood”  (St. Gaspar)

THESE THREE PILLARS: mission, community and spirituality – support their life and work together.


The C.PP.S. continues St. Gaspar’s ministry of the Word by preaching renewal and conversion through missions and retreat.  They bring the love of God also to parishes, schools, hospitals and prisons.  As missionaries they work where the Church needs them most and where the Good News has not been heard.

“The bond of charity unites the varied gifts of the members for the service of the Congregation and the Church.”


Following St. Gaspar, the Missionaries live together whenever the needs of the apostolate permit.  A bond of charity unites them instead of vows, placing their gifts at the service of the Church and one another.  Their houses serve as centers of prayer and reflection to renew them for their mission.

“Whereas all the people of God are made one in the Blood of the New Covenant, the Congregation of Missionaries of the Precious Blood gives living testimony of this special unity through its community life according to the spirit of St. Gaspar.”


Christ’s shedding his Blood was for St. Gaspar and is for us the sign of God’s great love for all men and women.  This spirituality of the Blood impels the C.PP.S. today to build community, to walk in solidarity with those who suffer and to seek reconciliation in a divided world.             

“The mystery of Christ who gives his Blood for the salvation of all, holds a special place in the spiritual, community and apostolic life of the members.”